Gut Health Functional Lab Test

The GI test that I use is an excellent gut health functional lab test. It uses automated processes to look for DNA fragments of 68 different Bacteria, yeast, virus, worms, and pathogens. This is superior to older tests that required a microscope examination or cultures. It also evaluates seven different markers of intestinal health. Many of the test results can point a finger at there likely being mucosal barrier damage in the gut. (Also, the MBA test that I run looks directly at gut health.) Your gut affects other parts of your body including your brain and seemingly unrelated symptoms like migraines. Older tests can sometimes miss seeing parasites in the gut if they are buried deep. We used to have clients take a biofilm disruptor for two weeks prior to collecting a stool sample. That is not required for this test.

This test can reveal gut infections or parasites. However, I do not diagnose your conditions. Only a doctor can diagnose. Based on the results, for anything that may be serious, I will recommend that you take these test results to your doctor for a consultation, and they might diagnose you with some condition. If you don’t want to go to a doctor, I will encourage you to self-treat and provide information about what others have done. My overall approach is to help you with lifestyle changes to improve your overall health. I don’t treat you for any specific diagnosis or condition. Frequently your symptoms will be reduced or eliminated when we get rid of the things weakening your body. By default, if you are healthy, you wouldn’t have the problem symptoms that you are experiencing.
Note that I have placed a two-page brief from Diagnostic Solutions laboratory in the resources section for you to review if you would like more information on this gut health functional lab diagnostic test. Like my business, Diagnostic Solutions does not accept insurance. This allows them to offer world class tests without the limitations imposed by insurance companies.

I can help you identify your gut issues and how to work on fixing them. I suggest that you press the “Book a Call” button to make a free appointment with me to discuss your symptoms and let me see if I can help you. I will tell you up front if I don’t think I can help you.